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Welcome to Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things Kit

In an effort to help people get up to speed with the project we're developing a living breathing Sherlock Kit that includes logistical info, tips & tricks, sample code as well as thoughts on collaborative practice. We welcome your input as we work to build a resource that can evolve over time. We welcome your suggestions, comments and questions.

What is Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things

Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things is an ongoing prototype developed and run by the Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab and Learn Do Share @Columbia that explores new forms and functions of storytelling. Designed to be an open R&D space (released under a creative commons license) that experiments with shifts in authorship and ownership of stories, the massive collaboration also uses a detective narrative to examine the policy and ethical issues surrounding the Internet of Things.

The goal of Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things is to build a massive connected crime scene consisting of smart storytelling objects. This summer and fall teams will create, design, build and test prototypes that will be plugged into a number of crime scenes located around the world.

Goals of the project

To explore new methods of collaboration

To create an open resource for IoT and storytelling

To provide a space for global networking

To create a learning opportunity that's tied to an actual project

To be transparent and share the results of the experiment as we go

To create new spaces for Story-driven R&D

A few words to help frame this global collaboration

Keep it fun

Be kind

This is a non judgmental space

Listen with intention

Speak with passion

Embrace Yes And thinking

You are in an experiment

This is emergent

We embrace the fuzzy

This is a copyleft project

Learn Do Share